Nintendo Land
By: Robert
Nintendo Land is a game for Wii U the that takes many different video games and makes mini versions of them. These are called attractions. There are three Team attractions, three Competitive attractions, and six Solo attractions, for a total of twelve attractions, plus the attraction tour.

Team Attractions

These attractions center around working together and possibly getting in each other's way. These three attractions are The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest, a sword swinging adventure game, Pikmin Adventure, an enemy filled, time limit style adventure, and Metroid Blast, a shoot-em-up sci-fi adventure game. Basically, these games are all adventure game, each with their own dificulty. These attractions are great for players that like to play solo and together, since each team attraction can be played alone.
Competitive Attractions

All these attractions are the game pad versus the remotes. The three attractions are Mario Chase, a game where the Toads(Wii Remotes) must catch Mario(Wii U Game Pad), Luigi's Ghost Mansion, a game where it's Ghost(Game Pad) versus the Ghost Hunters(Remotes),and Animal Crossing Sweet Day, where the animals(Remotes) must eat candy and avoid the Gate Keepers(Game Pad). These attractions are great for a group of people that likes to play competitively.
Solo Attractions

Six of the twelve attarctions are all, as you might of guessed, are single player. The six attractions are Yoshi's Fruit Cart, the game where you help Yoshi collect fuit, Octopus Dance, a Simon Says style game, Donkey Kong's Crash Course, a game of skill and practice, Takamaru's Ninja Castle, a ninja star-shooting showdown, Captain Falcon's Twister Race, a timed racing challenge, and Ballon Trip Breeze, a game where you ride the breeze. These attractions are great for players that think that too many players would get in the way.

Here are some of my gameplays for the Team Attractions!
Please, enjoy!

Legend of Zelda Battle Quest

Pikmin Adventure

Metroid Blast

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