New England Patriots
By Luis
       Hey lions! I am here to talk about the 2015 Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots. The Patriots are my favorite football team. The team was established in 1959. They used to be called the Boston Patriots, but they changed their name after relocating to Foxborough, Massachusetts. They play in Gillette Stadium.  They play in the Eastern division of the American Football Conference (AFC). The Patriots played in the American Football League (AFL) before joining the National Football League (NFL). Robert Kraft is the Owner, Chairman, and CEO of the Patriots. Bill  Belichick is the head coach and General Manager of the Pats. Bill Belichick also has the most wins for the Pats. He has a total of 187 wins. Tom Brady is their all-star quarterback. Tom Brady is the all time passing leader for the Patriots. He has a total of 53,258. The Pats are rivals with New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, and the Baltimore Ravens.

       When Bill Belichick joined the team in 2000,  the Patriots have been one of the most successful teams in NFL history. They have 8 Super Bowl appearances. Only two other teams have 8 appearances, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys. They also have 12 AFC East Titles. They haven't had a losing season since 2000. The Pats are also the second team to win 3 Super Bowl trophies in 4 years. 

       The Pats won their first championship in 2002. They defeated the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. They won their second championship against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII.  The Patriots defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. This year they defeated Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX to win their fourth Lombardi Trophy. They won 4 Super Bowl Championships in 14 years. Thank you for reading my article on one of the best teams in NFL history.

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