By Henrry Luna

    Lions! If you like playing video games, or simply just like soccer this is a game for you. FIFA 15 ULTIMATE TEAM is an app developed by EA Sports for iOS and Android.
Players and Ratings
Every professional soccer player is in this game. Well, as long as they have a club and are over 17 and if they are in a different  league besides The Brazilian League, which was not included because of licensing problems. Currently on iOS and Android devices the highest rated players in the game are Team of The Year Lionel Messi (98 rated), and Team of The Year Cristiano Ronaldo (99 rated). Most of the time, higher the number on  the card the better the player , and the better the player the higher the price, but some players are better than others in-game. An example of this would be Iniesta and Sergio Ramos.
You may rage quit good luck
Types of Cards
In FIFA UT, the best cards to get are gold cards. Gold cards are usually more expensive than Silver and Bronze, which are the two tiers under Gold. Gold is the best NORMAL card, but cards such as the Team of The Year and In-Forms are better than their regular cards. Other cards such as the Man of The Match, come after a tournament and are normally the color Orange. In-Forms are black, with whatever color the base card is.
The song name is Darude-Sandstorm
FIFA Coins and Points
These items are in-game currencies which can either be purchased or earned. The coins are earned by playing matches, selling players, or website purchase, and FIFA Points are purchased in-game.

Creating A Team
When you create a team, it consists of 18 players. It can be your favorite players, ones that you don’t know, or just the ones that are the best in-game. The better the number the better the player and if you want the best team possible, you'll want high chemistry. Chemistry can be obtained easily by adding players from the same team, country, or league. You can base a team of anything really, so good luck and have fun!!!!!

Start Screen

In-Form Card

Team of The Year Card

  Upgraded Card

Non-Upgraded Card

"Apps for RED" Marquez Card

Man of the Match Card

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The entire game may sometimes crash, and may use services such as Facebook. The game may be unavailable at some points, due to maintenance issues and real-life changes.