Hey there! You’ve decided to come back and read my next article well you won’t be disappointed. Some of you may have heard about this crazy thing called longboarding. By now I know what you’re thinking “ Oh wow this guy has nothing better to do with his time” but no you are wrong I have very many things I could be doing rather than giving you information on this interesting topic. Now that we’ve cleared that I want to tell you a little about my longboarding career. I received my longboard last year as a gift to myself for being great. I have been practicing ever since and i’m well “pretty good.” So anyway stick with me for the next paragraph!

    Now we have gone over about my longboarding stuff so now I want to encourage you too try this by giving positive information about longboarding. Longboarding is very smooth because of one little thing… the wheels. The wheels are meant to be smooth no matter the size or shape because well we are just too good. If you are not sure what a wheel is I have completely lost all hope for you. Now the deck of the board is something I can help you decide a bit. If you want a downhill board you will find that the board in a way looks like a fish without fins. If you are looking for a board for cruising on the beach with your “buddies” then you probably want the drop down board that is more square-like. I have a downhill board that I use for sliding, cruising, and just doing tricks. In the video below you might just find a few things you’ve never seen before and that’s why I'm here today to show you things you’ve never seen before and that’s all for today look at the video and you won’t be disappointed!

 Top Longboarding Brands:
Sector 9
Gold Coast
Never Summer


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