Battlefield 4

So, Battlefield 4? What is this Battlefield 4? Well it is the 4th version of the Battlefield game series. So what is Battlefield? This game is made by Electronic Arts. Battlefield is an action-packed first person shooter game. Now, this is not your average shoot em up game. You can do stuff like fly around, swim around, and drive around. You can fly around in a aircraft such as plane, or helicopter. You can swim around as a person, or you can still be a person just in a boat. Now you can drive around in the vehicles such as the tank, or the car, or the ATV. Now this game obviously sounds pretty cool dude, compared to your average shoot em up 360 no scopes game called Call of Duty. Call of Duty is not the game to go if you want to feel like as if you are in the actual battlefield. Unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield has the open world feel, since the maps are several times bigger than the Call Of Duty maps. I mean you can even go underwater and hwat not.  Of course to go underwater you would need a scuba gear or you would die from lack of oxygen. Not to mention the detail in the game Battlefield compared to Call of Duty. However, do not get me wrong about call of duty. Call of Duty has its moments in the game. The Battlefield ranking system is much more difficult ranking up in than the Call of Duty. There are some downs to Battlefield, like the net code. Bad net code means that you can get shot through walls due to lag. But overall, Battlefield is the best in my opinion. I hoped you liked my newspaper article and I shall see you in the next one. Take care *bows down*
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