Have you ever heard someone talk about nba2k15 and you're like what the heck is that. Well keep reading and i'll fill you in
You might rage quit

The game included a pre-order bonus pack which includes 5,000 Game Money,  MyTEAM card packs, a choice of an International MyTEAM card or rookie Kevin Durant, and MyPLAYER jerseys inspired by Durant. On August 6, 2014 it was announced that Crew will be back in the game for PS3 PS4 Xbox and Xbox one, then on August 7, 2014 it was announced that the game would have a new mode called MYLeague, which is similar to NBA 2K14's GM mode but with added customization and improvements. New RPG elements have also been introduced to the game, such as the conversation system and press conferences. On September 17, 2014 it was announced a face scanning system would be introduced into the game, allowing the player to add his/her own likeness into the game. There is a M
yNBA2K15 mobile app that came out along with the game. It was also announced in August 2014 that the PC version would essentially be the same as the Xbox One and PS4 versions,  making use of graphical enhancements first introduced in the eighth-generation versions of NBA 2K14.

Game Modes

     Like FIFA, NBA2k15 has game modes. In NBA2k15 there are different kinds of game modes, like Single Player  which include  MyCareer, My Gym  MyLEAGUE, The Association, and 2k HEROES. In Multiplayer it is Online Leagues, MyTEAM, MyPARK, Rec Hall, Stage, and Crew. Some of the game modes only works on certain devices

Fun Facts
    All Nba 2k games were made one year before that year for example Nba 2k15 was made in 2014
    Kevin Durant is the guy that is on the Nba 2k15 Game holder case thingie
    For all you people that dont watch basketball kevin is on the Oklahoma Thunders

NBA2k15 Game Case

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