By Yzelaj

Hey Lions !  Have you ever heard about Lilo and Stitch?  Well, if you don’t know,  Lilo and Stitch is a television series on Disney.  Lilo and stitch was created by Chris Sanders in 2002.
Stitch is a blue alien that is around 3 feet tall.  Stitch has second arms, claws, antennas, and three spikes on his back.  His experimental name , since he’s an alien, is experiment 626.  He also had another name and it was Little Monster.  The person who called him Little Monster was Pleakley.   Pleakley is a one eyed alien.  Stitch was created by Jumba Jookibia.  Stitch also has an evil form.  When he is in his evil form he has bad behavior and destroys things, but after Lilo calms him down he becomes good again.  He is Lilo’s best friend.  Stitches goal is to protect Lilo and his family.  He also has a girlfriend name Angel.  Angel is a pink, girl version of Stitch.   Stitch is bulletproof, fireproof, shockproof, can think faster, and can lift 3,000 times his size.  He is also good with the guitar/ukulele.
Lilo Pelekai is little girl who is Hawaiian.  Lilo is a orphaned, but she lives with her big sister Nani, her parents died in a car crash.  Lilo has long black hair and almond shape eyes.  She is 3 feet 5 inches tall and weighs about 90 pounds.  Lilo’s personality is very happy and spirited and she attends hula school.  She also likes Elvis Presley, her doll Scrump, and photography.

Lilo and stitch are best friends who always have each others backs.

Down below is a video that has the cast of Lilo & Stitch The Show / Movie.

And remember, Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind.

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