Sam Smith
                                                                                                                                    By : Lauren
                       Samuel Fredrick is one of the most successful solo artists in the music world. He has came up with so many songs this year and other years. As well as winning more than 3 Grammy Awards. And hopefully more for the upcoming years. He was born in May on the 19th in 1992 in London, England. His parents, Kate and Fredrick were supporting him a lot. As he got older, he started studying singing, and songwriting. He finally became famous in October in the year of 2012. Once Sam was featured on the Disclosure Song, he started becoming really well known. If you haven't heard of him, which probably all of you have, he is an English singer and songwriter. His two songs, “Latch” and “La La La” earned him his very first number one single in 2013. His song “Latch”, was number eleven on the UK Single Chart. During December, he was nominated for six Grammy Awards. His album, “In the Lonely Hour”, was number two in the Billboard two hundred. Some things you might not have known about Sam, is that he is twenty two, and he was always surrounded by many strong women, and he considered himself as a feminist. That made his outlook. Sam was also trained to be a jazz singer.

                   So many students at RCMS love Sam Smith and enjoy his music and what he does. Over 30 people that I have asked said they do. Sam preforms all over the world and produces so much music for us to hear. He preformed at the 2015 Grammy Awards. And also won, album of the year, for “In the Lonely Hour”. And also song of the year and best new artist for 2015. I interviewed 2 people and asked if they liked Sam Smith and what their favorite song is from him. I hope you like the video!

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