Lyric Art

Lyric art is what a lot of youtubers make, mostly DIY (Do It Yourself) youtubers make tutorials on how to draw the cool lyric art. Lyric art ranges from genres of music because you can do any lyrics in any style you want as long as the song has lyrics because if it doesn't you will have no lyric art to draw. I will be drawing lyric art by One Direction, Ed Sheeran , Birdy, and more artists.

A boy band that you have probably heard about is One Direction. It consists of Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan these boys got famous off the X factor even though they didn't win Simon Cowell still signed them because he thought there should be two winners that year. He made the right choice because they have over 3 million fans, four albums which are called Up all Night, Take me home, Midnight Memories, and there last one is called Four which just came out in November 2014. They Just kicked off their new tour called “On the Road Again” which is a worldwide tour. Zayn Malik recently just left the band on March 25, 2015 leaving the boys still on tour.

Lyric art is something you can draw with just a pencil and paper. You can draw what ever lyrics you want, they just have to be creative. You can even go online to find other peoples lyric art for inspiration and try to recreate it, but maybe add your own little twist on the art you drew. Be careful with the markers you use especially sharpies since they are permanent markers and they can stain your clothes and hands, I've done that before like so many times. Well now that I'm done talking about what lyric art is and what to do about it you can now watch my video on it.

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