Call of Duty
Advanced Warfare
        Advanced Warfare was developed and created by Sledge Hammer Games, a video game developer. A.W. is a military science fiction fps (first-person shooter) video game published by Activision, which is an American video game publisher. It came out on November 4, 2014 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and last but not least Microsoft Windows. This game has won nominations for Performer, Use of Audio, Multiplayer, best online experience, best shooter and best performance. Like every C.O.D game there is new DLC (downloadable content) like every two months. The newest one that was released not to long ago was called Havoc, it brought four new maps, Exo Zombies, and a new gun called the AE4. If you buy the season pass for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare you get early access to new guns before anyone else and all DLC coming out in the future for free, but the season pass is fifty dollars and each DLC is fifteen dollars. There are 4 DLCs that come out on the majority of all the Call of Duty games, so at the end you save approximately ten dollars. I honestly think this is the best FPS game, although it can get boring like mostly any other game. In this game there is a thing called Exosuits that give you the ability to double jump, exo slam, and get to areas faster. Unlike Battlefield when you don't have exosuits to jump around those humongous maps and don't get me wrong Battlefield is okay, but man the graphics looks like there is dust all over your screen. Battlefield is so boring like one match of TDM (Team Death Match) is about one hour long, compared to Call of Duty with  just ten minute matches. After all in my opinion C.O.D is better than Battlefield!

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