by Mya

Hi lions this months newspaper is going to be about hamster. you know those tiny pets that look almost like a rat but have short tails and in my opinion are way cute. You might think since hamsters are tiny that they are an easy pet to take care of but thats not completely true. hamsters are a lot of work especially if you have a baby one.this is because they grow a lot so there gonna need a lot of food and there gonna be too big for all the things you got them when they were babies. also there teeth grow non stop so they need so thing to chew on because if they don't there teeth will grow very long and become stuck together so they won't be able to open their mouth. okay enough of all the bad things. some good things about hamster are they are very smart so you can set up mazes with random things in your house and your hamster will more than likely be able to figure out how to get out.they also don't bite so you dont have to worry about younger kids holding them. most of all they are very cute fun pets to have

If after reading that you think that regular hamsters aren't for you might like dwarf hamsters which are just like normal hamsters but a lot smaller and they don't grow so you wont have to worry about buying more stuff like you would for hamsters that grow. even though dwarf hamsters are tiny they still do most of the same things as other hamsters would.there are four types of dwarf hamster campbell's russian dwarf, winter white russian dwarfs, chinese and roborovski dwarf. roborovski are the tiniest hamster they are less than 3 inches. russians and winter white hamster are very similar and get mixed up a lot scientists have classified them as the same species for many years.campbell’s dwarfs are the other russian hamster and they are most commonly found in pets stores. chinese hamsters are regular hamster but are mistaken for being dwarf because of their size.
 below i have facts about hamsters

facts about hamsters
there are many 24 types of hamsters
hamsters are nocturnal
they have bad eyesight
they have to chew on things
they store food in their cheeks
a male hamster is called a boar
they eat a variety of fruits and vegitables
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