Hometown Buffet
Hometown Buffet
Have you ever heard of the restaurant Hometown buffet? Well if not keep reading! Hometown Buffet is a different type of restaurant, instead of ordering your food, you can serve yourselves. Inside, there are multiple kitchen islands, (but bigger restaurant versions), that hold food trays.
Once you pay for your food, pick a table, grab a plate, serve yourself some food, and enjoy !!

A buffet is a system where the food is put in a public area and the diners usually serve themselves. Buffets are often available at hotels, restaurants, social events, etc. Restaurants that have buffets generally provide all-you-can-eat food for a certain price. Buffets usually have hot dishes and some cold ones, and involve dishware and eating utensils. A finger buffet is a bunch of food, that is suppose to be small and easy to eat by hand. Buffets are set up so that the person dining can see all the food and immediately pick what they want to eat, and take as much food as they want. A buffet is a good choice to have if you are feeding large amounts of people, and they are usually serve business conventions or large parties.

History of Buffets
In the 18th century, and in France, the modern-day buffet was created, which soon spread across the rest of Europe. In the second half of the 19th century, buffets became very popular as meals. Lunch was originally a light meal and was between breakfast and dinner, and usually replaced dinners. Buffets were often started at One O’clock and came in two styles of a meal. The first at which the diners would stand and eat or the second at which they were seated at small tables.

Types of Food at Hometown Buffet
Mac N Cheese
And many many desserts to choose from

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