American Horror Story
                                        By : Shayleen                                               Back to Lion Times
    So American Horror Story (also known as AHS) is a horror tv show, that airs on the channel FX, or you could watch it on Netflix to catch up on the previous seasons. If you don’t have Netflix I recommend you get it. American Horror Story has 3 seasons, and the 4th is currently on tv. You don’t necessarily have to catch up on the show because all the seasons aren’t related to each other, meaning each season has a different plot and characters. The first season is called Murder House, the second is Asylum, the third is Coven, and the 4th is Freak Show.
Murder House
    This season is about a family that comes from Boston and moves into the Murder House in Los Angeles. The history behind the house is about the Montgomery family and how their baby was killed. Charles Montgomery, the father, was a doctor and brought the baby to life in the early 1900’s. The baby haunts the house and anyone who dies in it stays there as a ghost forever. So basically the new family endures many many problems and eventually they all die.
    This season is about a woman named Lana Winters who was a journalist and wanted to be the one to learn the stories about “Bloody Face”. Instead the asylum decided to keep her there and she said that she was gonna escape and write a book about her experience.  The real Bloody Face a doctor that worked there at Briarcliff. He helped Lana escape only to have her hostage. She later kills him and has her freedom.
    This season is about witches and witchcraft. There are girls who are sent by their parents to live in a boarding school where they have to learn to protect themselves and hide because of the risk of being killed. As they live in the boarding school they go through many different situations. All through the season the girls are competing to become the head witch aka the supreme, the girls go through many different obstacles before finding the next supreme.