Pet Rabbits

By: Abigail

            Have you ever wanted a pet rabbit, but your parents didn't let you get one? Well here’s some facts about rabbits that may help you get one.have you ever heard people calling rabbits bunnies? Well if you’ve had and wondered why they’re called that, well I’m here to tell you. Rabbits are were called bunnies/bunny when in the sixteenth century rabbits were called bun, but then changed to bunny.

    Rabbits are known to live for around 10 years. Although being cute, rabbits are not the type of pet to be hold or cuddled with, because rabbits have a natural instinct of always having their feet touching the ground. They can be trained to use a litter box or to even come when called. Most people think that rabbits only have two teeth but in reality they actually have 28 teeth. Have you ever seen a rabbit in the wild and turn around for a second and it’s gone? Well if you’ve had and wondered where it went, well rabbits live in burrows under the ground. rabbits are also known for living in groups. Whenever you see a group of rabbits, most of the time the group is huge because rabbits reproduce real fast. So if you ever decide to get a pet rabbit it’s best to get just one or two of the same gender. Have you ever wondered how baby rabbits look (kit) like? Well kits are born hairless with their eyes closed.


There are many different types of pet rabbits to choose from but here’s some of the more popular to choose from.

Lionhead Rabbit - Lionhead Rabbits are known for their fluffy fur
Mini Rex - The Mini Rex is known for being smaller than a Rex Rabbit and for their soft coat of fur
Holland Flop - The Holland Flop are known for their floppy ears and their medium length of fur.

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