The RCMS Basketball Team

      Hey Lions!!!! Did you know that RCMS has a basketball team. Many students sign up ,but not everybody makes it ,because its not intramural. In intramural everybody makes the team. To make the team you have to participate in all the activities. You need to have good grades and you can not be on the L.O.P. list.

      There are two teams an all girl team and all boy team. Practice is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays. They do a lot of scrimmages and drills. They do the Indian run and suicides. They practice shooting layups as well. The P.E. teachers do recommend the players to bring their basketball shoes if they have any ,because to shoes have support and a lot of grip. They also practice with the 7th graders sometimes, and practice 2-3 zone. 2-3 is when two people are in the front and back defending their zone. They also work on there offense and defense. The teams will be playing against CMS two times. The first game is on January 20th at home. The second one is on February 12th at CMS.

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