Skylanders Trap Team
Skylanders is a game series that is based around "toys that come to life." The characters are action figures that when placed on a special platform called the portal(seen below) connect with the video game.

Skylanders Trap Team is the fourth installment in the franchise and adds another feature. After you defeat a villain, you can trap put them in special traps.

There are eight main elements, plus two elements that are new to Skylanders Trap Team. The main elements are Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Undead, Life, Tech, and Magic. The other two brand new elements are Light and Dark, and are refered to in the game as "unknown elements."


There are 297 skylanders in all the series, with over 50 being from the Trap Team game. Two include Food Fight and Snap Shot(see below for more on them). Snap Shot is a Water Skylander and Food Fight is a Life Skylander. There are many kinds of special Skylanders, like Giants, which are bigger and stronger than normal Skylanders, Swap-Force, which have two halves that can be mixed with other Swap-Force Skylanders, Minis, which are tiny versions of other Skylanders, and the Trap Team, which have large, "Traptanium" weapons, and also give the game its name.

Snap Shot is a Water Trap Team Skylander. He has a bow with crystal arrows, and uses arrows, slam attacks, and even whirlpools to defeat his enemies.

Food Fight is a Life Skylander. He is a vegetable with a tomato launcher. He launches tomatoes, plants cabbage mines, and rolls around on a giant tomato that tramples enemies.

Traps are what enable you to capture villains. After you defeat a villain, you may trap the villain if you have the correct trap. As with the Skylanders, all the villains have elements that correspond with the traps. There is also the Kaos trap for the villain Kaos.

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