Nike Zoom Janoskis
By Luis

    Hello , my name is Luis and I am going to talk about Nike SB Janoskis. I have  two pairs, a pair of regular Janoskis and a pair of Janoski Maxes. The Janoski Maxes are really comfortable. Nike SB Janoskis are a type of skating shoes made by Nike SB. They are the signature shoes of Stefan Janoski. He is a well known professional skateboarder. He is the second skater to have their own signature shoe. They are one of the most popular skating shoes. They can be made with different materials like suede, canvas, and mesh. Those are just some of the many different types of materials they use. Janoskis cost about 100 dollars. There are different styles of Janoskis. There are floral, leather, and  camouflage. You can also make your own custom Janoskis thanks to NIKEiD. In the next paragraph I will talk about the history of Janoskis.

    Janoskis were released in 2009. They were released two months before Stefan Janoski’s 30th birthday. Two years ago ,there was a rumor that Stefan Janoski was going to sell his name. When Nike made Stefan’s shoe they thought it wouldn’t sell due to the design. Nike gave Stefan a high percent of royalties. But then the shoes got more and more popular so Stefan started to get lots and lots of money. Supposedly Nike didn’t like that so they increased the price and lowered the quality of the shoe. Nike also created a shoe called “The Team Edition” that looked liked Janoskis. However many people believed that the rumor is fake because why would a brand like Nike do this. Now, please don’t believe this and don’t tell anyone that this is true because it is just a rumor. Thank you for taking the time to ready my article.

Here is a video of some pairs of Janoskis.

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