Student vs Wild
EP 2: People

    Hello there, and welcome to the wilderness. The wilderness is a fine place for many animals, people, and trees to hang out and chill with their buddies. The things we will be talking about in this so called “article” are people in the wild and their daily life. I’m also going to be throwing in a couple bonus clips of me interviewing wilderness experts. So are you willing to sit through this journey with me? Well if so buckle up man ( or woman don’t discriminate) this could get hectic.

    Now we have to venture on to a place I like to call RCMS. What is this RCMS you ask well its the greatest school in Rancho Cucamonga that’s what it is. There are a lot of types of people in the wild such as bush people, lunch table people, grass people, and even these people called the proctors. Now with all those types of people out of the way we need to go over some safety tips and surviving in the wild. Tip number one is do not venture into the wild unless you have such a serious set of skills that animals or people seem like a breeze to you. Next step  is find a person to venture out into the wild with and I bet you can guess who my first mate in the wilderness is… Bear Ryan. We can survive in any wilderness situation. Do you wanna know why? No reason. That’s why because…no reason. So why did you sit here and read this article? Well i’ll tell you, because you can’t resist the power of people in the wild. That seems to be all for this month stay tuned for the video and i’ll catch you on the other side wilderness adventurers.

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