Student vs Wild
EP 1: Plants

By: Bear Ryan

Hello this is Bear Ryan, most people call me Bear Ryan, but you can call me, Bear Ryan. Welcome to the very first episode of Plants in the Wild. Plants. What are they? Well, they are these green things you find on the floor. What do they do? Or why are they there? Well, they are on the floor because gravity. There purpose is to provide air and consumer our carbon dioxide. There are many different types of plants, most of them are green while some of them are underwater. In this episode of Student vs Wild you will see many different types of plant wildlife at RCMS. For example there is the Jefferson plant. The Jefferson plant looks like the plant shown below. Now, you can see the difference between the plant life very easily. That is because they are not the same. I have assumed that they have been imported, from different parts of the world. Which is a good thing because we can have a diverse plant-life at RCMS. Another unique type of plant is the Wallburry plant. I call it this because it is on the wall, or very close to it at least. Now out of all of these plants that I have my most favorite was Mr. Point. I call it this because it was very pointy. Sadly though, its species has been killed of in this area. It was killed by RCMS’ dominate species, the Homo Sapiens. Most of these plant life have to survive the wilderness against its main prey, the Homo Sapiens. Although, this dominate species provides food to it, it can also do very fatal damage to the plants. Some plants have attempted to adapt by making pointed ends in there leaf. However, this has proven to not be very effective. For they still take lots of damage from the Homo Sapiens. Well that is it guys for my writing portion of this article. I hope you stay tuned for another episode of Student vs Wild. Bye.

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Jefferson Plant Nice and sqaure and green and gravitised
Wallburry Plant Nice and rectangular and green and also gravitised