Brothers and Sisters
By: Angela
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Siblings. Yeah they’re pretty annoying sometimes. Even if they’re older than you or younger than you. I have an older sister and that’s really it but yeah. There’s times where she annoys me so much but in the end everything is okay again. She also tends to act immature and it’s a funny immature. People ask me if I want a younger brother or sister and also say I should never want one because they’re loud and annoying. Whenever I call my friend I hear screaming in the background and her telling them to shut up.

Abby says she loves her little sister and brother but they annoy her so much. She always likes to go to her dad’s house because they aren’t there. She said her older sister is mean and bossy.

Gigi says she loves and hates her siblings. She has an older brother and a little sister. "We fight a lot and when we do fight, my mom yells."Stop right there and fight in the playroom! You're blocking the TV!" And that never helps"

Brielle says she loves her little sister and older brother. Even though they sometimes frustrate her.

Vanessa loves her little brother so much but they fight a lot.

I guess everyone feels the same about their brothers and sisters.