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    Hey Lions ! Have you ever heard about a toy company called Hasbro ?  Well, Hasbro Inc. is a board game and a toy company.  It is one of the largest toy company in the world and its a world wide toy company.  It is a branded play company that has sales of 4 billion dollars annually.  The Hasbro company makes many toys and board games to help make a safe world for future generations.  It was their mission to build a safe way to provide families everywhere for the opportunity to experience the power of play.  Hasbro has been recognized to be known for the  “World’s Most Ethical Companies.” 
        Hasbro was founded by the Hassenfeld brothers, Henry and Helal.  It was founded in 1923.  Hasbro has a proud tradition of supporting children world wide.

    Hasbro has a bunch of games that you can do with your whole family.  Some of the board games like Monopoly can be competitive.  Hasbro does not only make board games but they also make toys too.  Have you ever played with Playdoh, My Little Pony, or Transformers?  Well if you don’t know, Hasbro made those toys.  There are many kinds of toys and board games that Hasbro makes that can entertain you.  You’ll see the main board games down below.

Down Below Are Some Of the Well-Known Board Games And Toys !
Connect 4
Candy Land
Mr. Potato Head
Littlest Pet Shops
My Little Pony

I think Hasbro done its job for making kids happy.  They made so many toys and board games that are really fun.  It's great to have board games so you can spend time with your family and friends.  Thank you for reading this article.

I hope this article help you know a little about Hasbro !
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