Pooch Park
By: Zoe

The Claremont Pooch Park is a dog park for all dogs small or large. The dog parks address is 100 South College Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711 just in case you want to take your dog. The dog park has been opened in 1996, it also has two separate places one for small dogs and the bigger place is for small and large dogs.  There is also benches, dog waste stations so you can pick it up when they go in the dog park, and a water fountains for the dogs to drink after they play.

The dog park has tennis balls and frisbees on the ground that you can throw it to your dog or to the other dogs that are there. This dog park is great if you don’t have a yard at your house, you can let your dog off the leash so they can play with all the other dogs so that they can get tired, have fun, and then go to sleep because they basically tired them self out. It’s really great to take your dog to the dog park that way they can be used to other dogs and know how to act around dogs.

We took our new dog thats a Husky named Sky which I did my last newspaper on. We took her to this dog park to see how she would act with other dogs around her, when we first got their she was very excited and when she got in there she went up to the other dogs and started sniffing.When the other dogs wants to play she just kept on running with them and running around like she was enjoying to play with all the other dogs. She got so tired from running that we took her to the water foundation that they have and we got her water, she loves the dog park and being with other dogs, hopefully your dog will love it to like she did.

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