Hello my name is Gabriel and I am here to tell you about a very popular shoe brand called Vans. I personally wear vans very often because they are comfortable and plus I skate and they make great skating shoes. Some people wear them for both reasons, other people wear them just because they like them, and to some they are very comfortable. At the mall if you would like to buy this brand of shoe if you are ever at Ontario Mills you should stop by and check them out. In this article I will tell you about Vans of course.
    Vans makes skateboarding shoes and various styles of other sneaker that are fit for some sports and work very good. Vans makes sneakers in Southern California fit for daily activities in SoCal. The person who founded Vans is Mr. Paul Van Doren who was born in 1930. When he was 14 he dropped out of high school and his mom made him get a job. His mother worked for Randy’s which was shoe company and he had to sweep the floors in the factory. As he got older he became the Executive Vice President. After they saved a factory in Gardenvile factory he and partnered with his brother Serge D’Elia he decided to try and make his own shoe company. They called it the Van Doren Rubber Company it took the a year to make it and it opened in March 15, 1996. When it was first made they made Vans in the store ,but they don’t do that anymore they had them do it over seas in Asia.
    Now Vans are a really popular company of course named after Van Doren. Some of the style of shoes they make is for skating, surfing, urban, and snowboarding markets. They have money stores now and they make a lot of money. Some other shoe stores sell Vans without even being in there own store. Well that’s my article hope you enjoyed it.

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