By: Xavier

    Our school, Rancho Cucamonga Middle School, is doing a chocolate fundraiser. We are doing this fundraiser to help raise money for student incentives and programs. Each chocolate will be sold for one dollar, each case has sixty individually wrapped chocolate bars, which means you have to bring sixty dollars in to get a new box of chocolate. There are five types of chocolate. The types of chocolate are Dark Chocolate, Almond, Carmel, Crisp and Milk Chocolate. The fundraiser will end on February 2, 2015. If you do not turn in the money on time you will be put on the L.O.P. list, which means you can’t attend any school dances or any field trips until you turn in the money.

    Not only are you helping the school out, you get prizes for selling chocolate. If you sell one box of chocolate you get to attend a BMX show. Two cases sold is a raffle for a twenty-five dollar target gift card, three cases sold is a raffle for a fifty dollar Victoria Gardens gift card and gets to be in the VIP seating for the BMX show, four cases sold is a one hundred dollar gift card for Victoria Gardens, then last, but not least is a raffle for a new iPod Touch 5th generation. The student who sells the most chocolate gets a 5 LB. chocolate bar and gets to be in all the things above.

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