Photography is a hobby and even sometimes a job. In my case, its a hobby because i enjoy doing this. My favorite thing to take pictures of is the sky, it has many different colors to it. If you think about it, it has many colors that you wouldn't think it has. For example, the sky could have a various amount of colors in one, such as: pink, blue, white, orange, red, yellow, gold, and peach. There could be clouds, also combined with the sky. It can be a good opportunity for pictures or a painting if you have a nice object to compliment it.

             Like in my pictures that i took, there are palm trees and clouds that are kind of swooshed and mixed around, but it makes a good pair with the sky colors. Having lines meet up to one area is also a good way for a picture to have meaning or something that leads you somewhere. There are many things that you could take pictures with, which are like cameras, phones, and other devices with cameras on them. What I prefer you use are, big cameras. Some great and popular brands are: Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, etc. I believe that kodak cameras, the ones that you have to keep rewinding, aren't the very best because they don't always come out clear, and you can’t see them until you go to a place that prints pictures. Many people these days, especially teens and kids, use old polaroid cameras because they feel that you can just capture the moment in seconds! Even putting title captions and designs at the bottom, to remember that specific time and place.

             They especially used polaroid cameras not that long ago, back in the 80’s and 90’s. As i have said in my previous newspapers, is that our generation has brought back several 90’s clothes, and even the cameras they used to use. Also, many professional sport players and snowboarders, etc. use GoPros. Go Pros help in so many ways. When your arms don’t have the ability to hold anything and you’re doing something, you could wear a helmet or you could even use a GoPro stick. Those are very popular too. So i encourage you, like i do in all my newspapers, is to try something new, if you haven't already, take a camera, get up and take some pictures of the outside world. Experience things you haven't before. Have fun with it!

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