whats your new year resolution?
by mya

Have you ever heard someone say something like this year i'm going to be healthier or this year i’m gonna be nicer. But usually never really do it. Well if you have thats a new years resolution.In this article I will tell you more about New years resolution just keep reading. People make these types of promises at the beginning of the year so they have a whole year to try to do it.

For some people new years isn't just a time where you look back on the past year it a time where some people think about the future and what there gonna change. For some people this helps them get motivation to reach their goals but for most people to just say you're gonna change something doesn't really work. To keep it some people have to make shorts goals until they can reach the full goal and mainly just keep telling themselves not to give up. Some times people even have the same resolution every year till they make there goal.
there are a lot of different types of new years resolution below ill put a few popular ones

- visit a place you've never been
-volunteer more
-be nicer
-try new things
-save money
-eat healthier
-be better in school

But honestly your new years resolution should be made personally for you . the ones I listed above are just a few popular ones that are commonly heard. If you still don't know what your new years resolution should be below I interviewed a few people and asked what there new years resolution gonna be.


  Megan says her new years resoultion is to             Izzy says her new years resoultion is to          Nikita's new years resoultion is to make
get all A's again                                                       finish this candycane                                       more friends  than last year