By: Mary Wise
  Minecraft is an independent game that was created in 2009 by Markus Persson, who is also called Notch. Currently 17,436,832 (this number is currently as I'm writing this paper) have bought the PC/Mac version of the game. In September of this year Minecraft was bought by Microsoft. The game was originally called “Cave Game”. The game started in Stockholm, Sweden. Notch’s company is called Mojang. Notch has another game, called Scrolls and he is making another game called 0x10c.

    In Minecraft, you can play in different game types some examples are: factions, survival games, vanilla survival, creative mode, kit pvp, prison, skywars, minigames, skyblock and many more. In factions, you attempt to raid and get items in game, you also build a base and fortify it. In survival mode you just basically try to survive and collect resources. In creative mode you have unlimited items and can build anything, you can also fly. Survival games, kit pvp, and skywars are just some of the many minigames you can play in Minecraft. In skywars you live on a floating island with limited resources, you have to use what you can. 

    You can also add on things called mods to your game. There are many different mods for Minecraft. Mods add different items to your game. Like different armor, food, tools, weapons, animals, monsters, and more. They can add more ways to play the game and can make it more fun and interesting. You can get mods by using Forge or Technic Launcher. Then you can download the mod you want and run it in the game.

    Many people play the game, but its not for all people. The game is 16 bit so the graphics aren't amazing, but thats the point of the game. If you want your game to look more high definition or different, you can get texture or resource packs that can make your game look pretty, weird, or better. The objective of the game is to become unstoppable or very overpowered, so you won't die. To get there though, you have to collect lots of resources and explore the world!

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