By: Abigail V.

    Have you ever wanted a pet that can live both indoors or outdoors or can even be trusted to be left alone in your house,well then keep reading. Cats were domesticated (tame or kept as a pet) in the year of 7500 B.C. Cats were considered sacred during the time of ancient Egypt. Cats are now found almost anywhere humans live.

    Facts about Cats

    Have you ever wondered why a cat has a whiskers? Whiskers on a cat are so sensitive because the root of the whisker is connected to nerves. Cats can even tell where everything is in a room from the air movements detected by it’s whiskers. Have you ever seen a cat’s ear rotate? Well if you’ve had a cat’s ear has 32 muscles that help rotate it. Have you heard the expression cats have nine lives? Well the expression was started when people started to notice that when cats fall from really high distances they can get away from it alive. People also think the expression came from cats getting injured so many times and not dying.

Cat Breeds

    There are so many cat breeds to choose from, but heres some of the more exotic or popular breeds.

Persian Cats - Persian cats are famous for their long bushy fur, short legs, their loving personality, and their snubbed nose.

Maine Coons - The Maine Coons are considered the second most popular cat breed in America. The personality of the cat is being affectionate.

Sphynx Cat-The Sphynx is known for being hairless. Although being considered a hairless cat it is known to have almost invisible fur. Since the cat doesn’t have enough fur to keep them warm they are really sensitive to cold temperatures.

Savannah -  Savannah cats are more of a curious,confident, and friendly cat so if you want a nice calm cat then don’t get a Savannah cat. The coat of the breed is medium length and the color of the coat is from : black, brown, or black. the Patterns of the cat are from :  spotted tabby, black silver spotted tabby, or black smoke.

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