By: Vanessa

   Hey Lions!!! Do you like photography? Photography can be more than a hobby to one person or it could just be a fun thing to do to other people. Well, to start off with this first you need a camera to take a picture or a phone with a camera in it. It could be anything just as long as it has a camera. Photography can be a very big thing in someones life. You could actually make a lot of money from it just by printing your good pictures and selling them. You can also get a job as a photographer when you are older if you really enjoy it.


   Some really good camera brands are Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, and Sony. In the eighteen hundredths the first picture was taken, but it was black and white. The pictures in the 1960’s stopped being black and white and started being color. Now you can add filters and effects, get different lenses, and a lot of other things with a camera. One very good accessory for a camera/phone is a fish eye lens. A fish-eye lens can usually go up from one hundred to one hundred and eighty degrees. It is a ultra wide lens that can take a full body picture, a wide distance picture, and a lot of other really good pictures.

   To take a really good picture you have to focus it really good on the object you want mainly in the picture. If you use a really expensive and high definition camera you can take an amazing picture as long as you have good lighting, focus it and get it at the right angle, but when it is dark you don't need good lighting because alot of cameras and phones have flash. Now since you can add filters and edit them your pictures can turn out to be a really good picture, but not all the pictures you take need filters or any editing at all. I hope you try photography atleast once in your life because it is really fun and awesome.

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