The Fault in our Stars
By: Erika

      Hey Lions!!! Have you heard of The Fault in our Stars? If you haven't its a book and a movie. Its an amazing story that brings courage, sadness, and intelligence. The book tells more detail than the movie. Its New York Times bestseller, and Times Magazine’s #1 fiction book of the year. The movie is a historic hit. It’s the greatest romance story of this decade.

      The Fault in our Stars is about two teenagers Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters who have cancer. Hazel has thyroid that meets in her lungs. Augustus had cancer in his leg, but he got surgery to remove it. After he removed it he was cancer free. Augustus and Hazel met at Support Group. Then they started to hang out and he asked what her favorite thing is and she said "An Imperial Affliction" its a novel and he makes a deal with her and said he will read the book if she reads "The Price of Dawn". After Augustus finished her book he emails the author Peter Van Houten's assistant and asked what happens at the end of the book and his assistant replies and says they will give them answers, but they have to go to Amsterdam. He tells Hazel they are going to Amsterdam so they can get there answers, and she was so excited. When they got there they weren't expecting Peter Van Houten to be so rude and, they never got their answers. His assistant was very sorry so she asked if they would like to go to the Anne Frank House and they said sure. On there last day in Amsterdam Augustus told Hazel his cancer came back, but all over his body. After there trip a month later he passed away. Hazel was so shocked and heartbroken, but she was happy with her choice because it was a privilege to get her heartbroken by him.

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