By Sandra

    The first piano was invented in Florence, Italy in 1700 by a craftsman who repaired harpsichords, a keyboard instrument with horizontal strings that run perpendicular to the keyboard in a long case. His name was Bartolomeo Cristofori, he experimented with the instrument’s design throughout the years, and the instrument grew popular among the upper class. By the 1730 pianos were purchased and played by the Europeans.

Although they were expensive, pianos were made smaller by the 1760s so that rich families could own them in their homes. Mozart, Beethoven, and my favorite, Yiruma, all played piano as a child or growing up. Mozart began touring Europe at the age of four, performing at concerts with his family. Beethoven had interest in music at a young age and his father taught him day and night. Yiruma is a South Korean pianist and composer that learned piano at the age of 5, he played at concerts that have been sold-out in Asia Europe and North America.

    By 1770, the piano reached America by a German immigrant named John Behrent, a piano maker. Most American songs expressed thing related to the American Revolution, involving how loud or how quiet the melodies was to describe the war.

    During the 1770-1827, the piano began to have more keys, therefore not only increasing in size but in sound. To create more depth in dynamics, piano makers began designing the instrument out of iron for a louder effect. The piano was added into orchestras, which quickly became popular in entertainmen, and concert halls were built bigger with more seats

    Pianist gained popularity that are the same to famous people today. In the 19th century, women were often ignored for playing piano in public, but there were few exceptions. Despite not being able to preform, women were expacted to know hoe to play at home and teach their children. Many American women had jobs as a piano teacher. In Germany and Australia, pianos were built in to sewing table, allowing women to practive and do chours.

    For over 300 years, the piano has survived longer than any other instrument that exist today. It remains to be a popular instrument, stilled played by musicians as just like the past three centuries.

Picture of my piano