Donkey: An Ogres Best Friend

Well hey! Did not see you there. How is everybody doing tonight? Good I thought you were doing alright anyway lets talk about this new topic about a little old donkey named Donkey. Many of you may have heard of Donkey the donkey but some of you may have not even heard a single word about him and thats why I am here today. So for those of you that have not heard of this donkey sit back and enjoy the information but for those who have do not spoil it for the other listeners. There once was on ogre who lived in a swamp he was mean green and had layers. The ogre was sitting in his house when suddenly he saw Donkey walking by. The ogre did not like Donkey because he was annoying and started yelling THIS IS MY SWAAAAMP but donkey kept coming back.

So now that you have heard about how the ogre hated Donkey lets continue on with the story of Donkey the donkey. After many times of Donkey bugging the ogre they became friends (I do not know why) then the ogre and Donkey went on an adventure to save another ogre named Princess Fiona. When they did save her the princess liked Donkey and the ogre say they all became very good friends. That is the story of Donkey I hope you enjoyed it!

That there is the ogre and Donkey


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