By Gievirlyn

Nature is calling you!! Should you leave or should you stay?



Get mad and throw the computer out of the window,
and if not a window,
out of your door


A Bunch O' Plants

Looks like you chose stay? Wow! I am surprised you are actually interested in Nature unlike the other humans I know(And I know, I have been watching your kind for years! Could you guess who am?). I am interested in a  person you call Nature. I will guide you on this awkward journey. Also, if you picked the third option, you are probably insane.

    Look to your left. Then to your right. What do you see? You see a house… and I don’t know what else. I am not where you are at fool. Now read this again and consider what I have just told you. But please, read this once.

    Did you get confused? Well that’s Nature. It’s confusing because manmade objects are there and are taking over. Then there’s the animals. They are all nice and all BUT when you get them mad, they are all like “ROAR ROAR ROAR! I am going to bite you for that!” Then after the day’s all fun, the sun rewards you with a beau
tiful scene, the sunset. BUT DID YOU KNOW? Human kind(You) is taking over the world and only an average amount of people care that the world’s going to go bye bye because of the pollution humans have made. Now you are probably all like “I knew that you dummy! -Then you start yelling and laughing hysterically while running around in squares(You probably thought I was going to say circles weren’t you? Well you were wrong! HAHAHAHAHAHA).”

     Let’s get back on the subject. Nature is everywhere from your tiny house pot plant(You might have one hidden under your bed, check! BUT it might be a fake one known as the floor) to the great outdoor meadow or jungle! Yes, I said jungle, but anything can happen when you dream! Nature wants to help and support you everywhere! She is so kind. BUT YOU MAKE ME MAD. FEEL MY WRITH, Wait Wroth? NO no no no, I meant WRATH. FEEL MY WRATH PUNY HAMSTER! Sorry, I meant HUMAN! No offense though. It’s hard to tell you guys apart when you guys are so small. Now, you will arrive back home as an unknown species that looks like this.


Hope You Enjoyed this nice adventure(Well not really an adventure)!
Did you find out what I am? I AM A……. STAR!
Didn’t expect that didn't you?

NOW, headback to the top to leave!!!
Hurry Up and
go, don't just continue to
read this.