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Well Im sure that we’ve all heard about Nike, Inc. If you have this is the newspaper for you. Even if you don’t know what the Nike, Inc is this is still the newspaper for you so keep reading. Nike was found on the day January 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports.  The founders were Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight and what was Blue Ribbon Sports later became Nike, Inc. Well lets get into what nike, Inc makes. Well you’re probably guessing shoes well they make many other thing such as golf balls, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, cleats, stadiums, socks, shirts, skateboards, and apps. Nike, Inc make stuff only under its own brand like the Air Jordans and nike pro but they also worked with converse. Have you ever seen the nike sign on your favorite players jersey well thats because nike sponsors highly known athletes and teams like FC Barcelona and let's say Kobe Bryant they both are highly know so they are sponsored by Nike, Inc.
Nike Productions

Nike, Inc makes so many production from soccer cleats to basketballs and stadiums and jersey like Lionel Messi’s jersey. when a athlete wants to go make his or her own shoes they can go to nike to make them. Jordan shoes and Kobe shoes and LeBron shoes are all nike sponsored but made by the athlete. 
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Nike soccer

Nike, Inc do make soccer cleats too like the majestas  i can go on and on about the majestas but go read that article on majestas now.  Ronaldo uses the Nike, Inc to make his own cleats called the CR7 mercurials the mercurials that look like the majestas because of the shoe sock on it but still very different. They are full leather cleats and you can gain a bunch of speed with them. These boots or cleats are flexible enough for you to play inside and out and they are light on your feet according to Nike. Lets talk about jerseys and teams Like Fc Barcelona, Fc Barcelona is sponsored by Nike thats is why they have the Nike sign on the jersey but have you seen Messi's jersey it has the adidas sign on it but his team is sponsored by Nike. This is because Messi is also sponsred by Nike and adidas.

Have you ever seen your friend shoes with the nike sign on it and look like hightops well those probably are nike's basketball shoes. Nike, Inc also makes jerseys for basketball and balls for basketball and even socks. The shoes Nike, Inc make are like Jordans and Kobes and Lebrons. The kind of sock that nike make are called elites. The balls are called elte competition. well thats all I have for basketball.

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