Clothing Brands
                   Many students at RCMS have their own fashion or type of clothes with different name brands. People all over the world are making new materials and coming up with new amazing brands.

Some of the popular brands that many people like are:

- Crooks & Castles       
- Diamond Supply  Co.
- DGK 
- Thug Ave. 
- Honey  (SF)
- Baker
- Pacsun
- Active

-The Hundreds    
- Grizzly
- Primitive 
- Huf
- OBEY   
- Adidas

- Expulsive
- Forever 21
- Girl
- Supra
- Nike
- Pink Dolphin

                     People such as, Steven Fernandez made his own brand called “Honey” in the Pharmacy Boardshop. Its a store all about skateboards and clothes. If you think about it, he’s only 14 years old and he has his own company. Growing up in Compton was rough on him, but he made himself into a big success.  And that is what you can do too. That should inspire you to start thinking of your future and think about how you can start your very own store that everybody loves. There are many different brands kids love. And the things they sell are kinda like 90’s wear. Well that’s just our generation and what were getting more into. I believe what keeps us more motivated and encouraged to keep making new fashions and brands are the people around us and what they inspire us to do.

                   Millions of people are just waiting to be discovered. 2014 has been the most trendiest year. We’ve came up with more interesting materials to wear. However, you could make your own clothing. By simply getting a shirt or material and print stuff that you like on the shirt. In November, the weather is windy, cold, foggy, and even sometimes it could rain. So,I suggest you wear some clothes from, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Pacsun and many others. It’s Winter now, and it has been really cold. Some things you could wear are scarves and beanies. That is why I encourage you to make your own clothing brand. And be successful in what you do.

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