Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
By: Justin

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is the newest game from the Pokemon Company. If you don’t know what Pokemon is, it is a RPG where you catch little monsters in Pokeballs and make them battle against each other until they pass out for human entertainment. OM and AS are remakes in a way of the 3rd generation of pokemon, Ruby and Sapphire. The reason why I say that is in a way a remake is because it isn’t the same adventure as the originals. This game takes place in the Hoenn region. The 3 starter pokemon are mudkip, a water type, torchic, a fire type, treeko, a grass type pokemon. There are two antagonist teams in the games, Team Magma and Team Aqua. Team Magma is in Omega Ruby while Team Aqua is in Alpha Sapphire.

    The legendary pokemon for Omega Ruby is Groudon, a ground type pokemon, and the legendary pokemon for Alpha Sapphire is Kyogre, a water type pokemon. The new feature that they introduced to this game is primal evolution to those 2 pokemon only. This means that you can evolve them back to their more powerful state before humans existed and pokemon ruled the land.

    Mega Evolution is also a feature that was created in last years pokemon game but carried over into this one. This means that you can use a mega bracelet that you obtain in the game to mega evolve your pokemon into a stronger form. Only certain pokemon are able to mega evolve. You know if they are able to mega evolve if there is a mega stone with their name on it.

    There are many objects to the games. You want to complete your pokedex which stores data about pokemon you catch, beat all the the gym leaders to get all the gym badges and find all the items. After you beat all of the gym leaders, you go to something called Victory Road. This leads you to the Elite Four, a group of very powerful pokemon trainers that you have to defeat to get to the Pokemon Champion. The Pokemon Champion is the most powerful trainer in the region. When you defeat him, you become the Pokemon League Champion and you and the pokemon you used are put into the hall of fame.

    After that, you start the Delta Episode. In this, a meteor is heading towards Earth and you have to wake the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza to stop it. You catch him and fly into space to destroy the meteor, then the Legendary Pokemon Deoxys appears. After that, you finish the game.


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