Siberian Huskies

Siberian huskies are sled dogs because thats what they are and huskies are also very strong. Huskies are not only strong and furry they are very loving,beautiful, and playful animals that like to have attention. The dog food you feed them needs a lot of protein, or at least high protein so that when they eat they have energy and I said that because these dogs are not build to eat that much,so they only eat like as much as they want so don't get worried if they don't eat that much.Their life span can last 12 to 15 years and they think of there family that owns them as there pack. If you have a husky you should always brush and blow-dry them when they are out of the shower that way you can get all of their dead hair out of their coat. They also need daily walk,run, or jog so that they get their exercise and you can to.

Huskies are actually very clever escape artist, so you have to watch out where you leave them and what their surrounding's are. Make sure that their is no holes in your fences so that they wont be able to get through, it make sure that the wall is high so that they can't jump over it, or so that they can't knock down the wood and get out, or don’t leave your door open because if they have a chance to leave they will leave. My mom’s friend had a siberian husky and theirs escaped from their garage. When they got there husky they never knew why she was always licking the garage door and it was wood, one day when they came home their was a hole in the garage and she was gone.They never knew that when she was licking it that she was actually softing up the wood with her saliva.

Okay so now I'm done taling about how huskies are and stuff you can now see footage of my new dog that we took in and rescued. Her name is Sky she's a black and white husky with like whitish/blueish eyes they are very light,and she's about 6 to 8 months,well here you go look at the life of Sky the Husky.

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