The History of Hockey
by Gabriel
    Hello! My name is Gabriel and I am here to tell you about the history of hockey. You may have realized I already wrote about hockey ,but this is the history. Hockey was made in Canada. Most of hockey's history is  only able to be traced to the mid 1800's. In the 1850's the first ice hockey game was played. Though the first traces in hockey were played 4,000 years ago in Egypt as a sport. That is why we have field hockey today because of the Egyptians. People think that hockey came from lacrosse ,but that is not true it came from games that were played with sticks that hit a ball.
    The ice hockey rules were written in 1870's by some people at college that went toMcGill University. At a time in 1880 the first hockey league was created and used in Canada. In 1893 ice hockey made it to the United States. The Governor General of Canada named Lord Stanley gave the Stanley Cup as hockey's trophy. On the ice at one time there use to be 8 players and one goalie ,but now there are 5 players and 1 goalie. Goalie masks use to look like the mask that Jason wears in the "scary movies" ,but the goalies got hurt badly from that. Now goalies wear masks that protect there entire skull because the puck can really hurt you.
    The United States in 1924 was so interested in hockey they made the NHL which is still around today and a mix of U.S. teams play some Canadian teams. Some teams in the U.S. are San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, and many more. In Canada the NHL teams are Calaglary Flames, Vancouver Cancuks ,and some other ones. There are 30 teams in the NHL today. The best player in history is known as Wayne Gretzky ,and his number was 99 and that number is retired for hockey. Wayne Gretzky is still around ,and he still appears at hockey games a lot. Thank you for reading!

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