Magistas Obra

          Have you ever seen a soccer player play with Magistas Obra? Well if you didn’t or you don’t know what they are, i’ll show what they are, and how awesome they are. Magistas Obra are cleats ( A.K.A soccer shoes) from Nike. If you don’t know what Nike is there is another article about Nike. Magistas Obra are cleats that are very very very popular because of its dynamic fit collar as you know all soccer cleats finish by the ankles and don’t pass your ankles so that you can move your feet. But Nike thought differently they thought that if you make the cleat go past your ankles to protect them but also give you the ability to move your ankles any way you want to. I put a photo of regular cleats right next to the Magistas from the same view so that you can compare the ankle part, and see how well Nike did with the dynamic fit collar (the ankle part).


         The best part of the cleats are the comfort of them, the cleats feels like a sock when you have them on. When you tie them up they preasure your foot on every part that the lace is connected with. The cleats are very comfortable because of the weight, the weight of the cleats are 7.2oz in a size 9. Yeah i know they are really light.

             The feel of the ball when you touch it with the cleats is unbelievable you don’t even feel the ball, and because of that the cleats are very good for free-kicks.

 If I would rate the cleats this would be it.

Comfort/Fit 10 out of 10
Weight 10 out of 10
Traction 9.5 out of 10
Touch 10 out of 10
Shooting 10 out of 10
Protection 8.5 out of 10
Durability 8 out of 10

    The Magistas Obra have different colors there is blue ones, green ones, black ones, there also are red ones but they are exclusive.

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