Mr. Lassiter
By : Elysia

     Hey RCMS Lions!!!!! hope you are having a great year so far.  I am interviewing a new teacher named Mr. Lassiter.  Many of you seventh grade students may know him.  I asked him about where he came from and how long he has been teaching and if he likes teaching 7th grade and if he likes teaching overall.  I also asked him what he likes most about seventh grade so far. I asked him how much preparation time he has everyday,also I asked him why he wanted to work for our school district.  And how does he handle classroom discipline. And how much homework does he give students.  Who influenced you to become a teacher.  And lastly what he likes to do when he is not teaching.

  Here is how the interview went...

Me : “How long have you been teaching?”
Mr. Lassiter : “15 years.”
Me : “How much homework do you give your students daily?”
Mr. Lassiter : “I give them a.r. reading and spelling."
Me : “What do you like to do when your not teaching?”
Mr. Lassiter : “I like to watch or play sports.”

   As you can see Mr. Lassiter is much like any other teacher.  It was a lot of fun interviewing him,he had a lot of  things to say about him and his lifestyle.  He was very nice and kind when I asked him questions.  Well I hope you guys like my article see you later!!!!!
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