Ms. Cruz
By. Alicia


Hello 7th, 8th, 6th graders!  Hows the school year going I hope everything is all good, we have a new P.E teacher this year named Ms. Cruz. She mostly teaches 6th graders but since people are getting their schedules changed she probably will be teaching some other grades. Ms. Cruz looks athletic and looks like a good teacher.

    I went to ask her questions about her and her lifestyle of Ms. Cruz. She has 2 young children. She likes to teach young children
as well as older kids. She has taught preschool and also wouldn’t mind going back to teaching them. In ten years  she told me she would want to go back to school to teach math or science or still be a Physical Education teacher for a different grade or the same. She also told me that she inspired herself to become a teacher. One of her favori
te things at the school is to participate with the students when they play in the activities and see them happy and getting to know them. So you guys should get to know her and go see how chill she is. Also some of the things she very very very much dislikes is the hot, foggy, cold, horrible, smoggy and bad weather. She has been playing soccer for 30 years and she is very good at it from what she has told me. She absolutely loves it! She still plays it to this day. You guys should go and ask her, she is a very athletic person.

    Ms. Cruz is a nice and cool person. Students  you should go and visit her on your spare time, passing period,  or during your P.E period. She would enjoy you guys saying hello to her and welcoming her to the school. See you guys next time!