By: Jacob

Hey Intramural sports fans!! Most of you are probably thinking we are going to have intramurals very soon-most likely in late October early November.  Well... I’m very sorry to say, we are not having intramurals this year. Most of you are probably thinking now, “Well how come we aren’t having intramurals this year?”  Some reasons are; the school doesn’t have enough money, we don’t have enough teachers to stay after school and there is no other schools to go against.
If we were to have intramurals this year, we probably would've had basketball, football, volleyball and soccer.  For all of these sports, there would have been at least 4-6 teams consisting of 8th graders, 7th graders and 6th graders for each sport.  These sports only last for two months.

I decided to interview Mr.English, and see what he has to say about this.  I asked him three questions; “What is your opinion towards this?”, “How do you feel about not having intramurals this year?” and “Is there any way to bring back intramurals?”  Here’s what he had to say; “My personal opinion is that I think intramurals can be or are a part of students’ lives and that it is great for the students to represent their school.”  He also said, “I feel horrible that there aren’t going to be any intramurals because I have so much to offer to students that want to learn about the sport they’re in and I also wish we can actually bring back intramurals.”  Finally. his last answer was, “I don’t know exactly why we aren’t having intramurals this year but most likely its because the school doesn’t have enough funding.”

I, for one, am not to excited that we won't have intramural sports at RCMS this year.  I wonder how many of you have the same opinion?

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