by: Shawn

Hey Lions!!!! Sports will be awesome this year, there will be so many fun activities you could do instead of the boring things you do at the elementary school that you  have went to. There will be P.E. everyday and there will be a mile every Friday. After every mile there would be free choice or you would have to go to the lockers to change. For the sixth graders if you don’t know what “Free Choice” means its when you get to choose to play football, basketball, soccer, jump rope, or volleyball. During the school for P.E. there will be a unit for the “Mini Olympics”, you could do the long jump, shuttle run, hundred meter dash, two hundred meter dash, shot put, we also do something like the “Javelin Throw” except we throw a tennis ball as far as we can.

Also Lions!!!! When it is raining we go inside the gym and do Free Choice, we could play Four on Four Basketball, Knockout, and Volleyball, but just in case you don’t know what “Knockout” is, you have to have two basketballs and you have to make a line. The first person shoots the ball and has to make it before the second person does. If the second person makes the ball first the first person is out, but if the first person makes the ball he gives the ball to the person after the second person. Then that cycle goes on until the everyone is out but one.

P.E. Teachers!!!! here at RCMS are the best. There are three P.E. teachers, one P.E. teachers name is Mr. Schumacher. He is really fun to have as a P.E. teacher. Another P.E. teachers name is Mr. English, he is really funny and he makes many jokes. Our newest teachers name is Ms. Cruz, I don’t really know a lot about her but I bet she is a awesome teacher. That is all I have to tell you Lions good luck this school year .!!!! , I know you can TRY HARD on every subject, Try hard LIONS!!!!


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