Favorite Celebrities


Hey Lions.! Who’s your favorite celebrity? Well I went around and ask different kids who they liked the most, this is what most said.

-Mr. Garretson says that he likes One Direction because “In one of their music videos, they are shown with a red bay window VW bus!” by the way Mr.Garretson owns a Blue Bay window VW bus and the name of the music video that the red bay window VW bus is seen in is, “What Makes You Beautiful”.

    6th grade:
-Victor says his favorite celebrity is Flo Rida because victors favorite song is “Apple bottom jeans”.
-Dylan says his favorite celebrity is Taylor swift because she is pretty and he likes her music.
-Micheal said he likes Elena Siegman because she sings a song that he likes that is in the video game “Black Ops”.

    7th grade:
-Ali says her favorite band is One Direction because she likes their songs and thinks that they are handsome.

    8th grade:
-Macy’s favorite celebrity is Demi Lovato because “Demi is inspirational and Macy says that she can relate to what Demi has gone through”
-Allison and Melissa said they like Justin Bieber because he can dance, sing and is very handsome.
-Zion says he likes Nicki Minaj, because she is the best and is very gorgeous.

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