Mr. English By: Tabitha    
 Greetings earthlings.  How is the 2012-2013 school year going so far?  Good?  That’s great!  Well, I am here to talk about how great Mr. English is of a P.E. teacher!  I dearly miss him as my teacher, because recently my whole P.E. class got switched to Ms. Cruz, the new P.E. teacher, who is also wonderful at her new job!  If you would like to read about Ms. Cruz, go back to the Lions Times home page and click on Alicia's article about Ms. Cruz.  But if you would like to read about Mr. English, you may proceed with this article.  My way of describing Mr. English is that he is a one-of-a-kind chill dude, who also has a sense of humor with a dash of dancing skills.  He really makes P.E. fun, and he would only be tough on you if you don’t participate, or give your full effort.  But other than that, he encourages you to be your best.  I remember during the first few weeks of school, when he was still my teacher, he called me ‘Macchio‘ because on my P.E. shirt, my name is written as ‘Tabitha Macchio‘  which stands for the celebrity Ralph Macchio, even though it’s not my real last name.  That is one example of how he makes P.E. fun, because calling me 'Macchio' is the same thing as him maybe calling you 'Bieber' or another celebrity's last name.  Even though he yells at the class very often, it is not always because he is mad, but mostly because he does it to motivate you to keep you up and energized.  Just recently, I interviewed Mr. English some questions.  Here is the summary:  Mr. English has been a P.E. teacher for 17 years now, and his favorite part of being a P.E. teacher is when he gets to see every student on campus everyday.  Since he no longer has a 2nd period P.E. class, he said that he will miss his students that he has developed a relationship with.  My final question was, “Do you miss me?” and he answered with, “Yes! You and your whole family are wonderful people.”  Aw.  See?  What a nice man.  I will definitely miss you Mr. English, and I hope that you will always remember me throughout the years.

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