Lunch Activities
By Kimberly

  Hey there Lions!  There is going to be a lot of fun lunch time activities this year. Rancho Cucamonga Middle School lunch isn’t just about eating food, we have a lot of fun things going on.  We will have Lions Den, Fun Fridays, and you can also go to the gym.  RCMS lunch is a time to have fun, or hang out with your friends, and if you like football or soccer you can play that.  Lunch is the only time of school where you can have fun; and just be you but don't get out of control.

 In the Lions Den there is a FlatscreenT.V, a Wii, a Table Tennis, or also know as Ping Pong, and if your hungry there are  chips and soda.  Also there are board games.  But the only way to get in the Lions den is by getting invitation that your teachers give to you for doing something good or just being a good student.  Fun Friday is an activities that ASB has every Friday.  One week they did the cookie challenge where kids had cookies on their forehead and they some how had to eat the cookie without using their hands.  The winner won besides the cookie they got candy. If you don’t want to participate, there is still music to dance or listen to.  Also people were having shuffling battles but the only way to be able to make the circle for shuffling is by having a proctor or a teacher or just someone that is an adult.

The gym is open everyday, in the gym you can play volleyball, four on four,  knock-out and if you think it is to hot outside you can just hang out with your friends in the gym because they have an air condition and bleachers  for you to sit down on.
8th Grades  Cookie Challenge     Lions Den

7th Grades  Cookie Challenge   Lions  Den

6th Graders Cookie Challenge   Lions Den

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