Lion's Den
By: Alyssa

     Hello people of RCMS!  How are you doing on this fine day?  Good?  Good!  Well I’m going to talk about a very fun activity called the Lion’s Den!  This is RCMS’ first Lion’s Den!  Do you know what that is?  No?  Ok.  Well it is a during lunch activity that has a lot of fun things to do in there!  So I will tell you how to get in!  First you need a Lion’s Den invitation.  Your teacher will give it to you if you are caught doing something good.  For example: helping one another, participating, staying motivated, or even going beyond your AR goal!  This event will take place behind the lunch tables during your lunch every week.  Your invitation is required to get into the Lion’s Den so it will have a date on when you got it.  This is an optional activity so you don’t have to go in if you don’t want to!  If you don’t go, you can just go to your regular lunch and miss out all the fun.  But there are still fun things to do at lunch.  So I recommend going in the Lion’s Den and having fun so you don’t have to stand or sit outside in the heat.  Some people might say it’s boring, but that’s their opinion.  Hopefully you can go so you can experience it for yourself!  Also, the good thing about the Lion's Den is that you can go again if you still have your invitation.  I think if you get a Lion's Den invitation you should go because you might lose or misplace it, then you don't know when you're going to get it again.  Then you won’t get to experience it.  Remember there are a lot of fun things in there and it’s behind the lunch tables during lunch every week.  So try getting a Lion’s Den invitation and have FUN!

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