Lunchtime Basketball

Hey Lions!!!!!!! Is your lunch boring?  Do you want more action during your lunchtime?  If so you have a choice to play football or basketball.  I'm going to tell you about the basketball during lunch.  When your playing basketball during lunch it is inside the GYM.  There are two sports inside the GYM one is Volleyball and one is Basketball.  When it is raining you can still play in the GYM.  There are four half courts to play on (two on the side and the full court split for two different games).   Each game is four on four. To win a game of four on four you need to get four points.  Then the next team plays the winning team.

ASB will be playing music while people are playing.  Basketball during lunchtime  is now going to be a full time activity.   The only time when they will not be having this activity is when there are not enough proctors.   Last year they had this activity only for the last trimester.   During that time we played Basketball outside at the basketball courts.   What do you think?   Should we play Basketball outside in the heat but there are more courts? Or should we continue playing inside in the air-conditioned GYM with less courts?

ME : What do you like about Basketball?

6 Grader response (Micheal) : It's the sport my dad had tought me since I was little                                 

7 Grader response (Tyler) :  It's fun                                          

8 Grader response (Kenyon) :  It’s fun and competitive                                                                                          

ME : Why do you choose this activity instead of the other lunchtime activities?

6 Grader response (Micheal): I chose this activity because it's a fun sport and I played it since I was little

7 Grader response  (Tyler) : The people that play are easy to beat

8 Grader response (Kenyon) :  It’s cool in there with the AC on.           
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