Lunch football
By: David

  Hey RCMS football fans if you like football play during your lunch.  Some people play because they like the sport or they do not want to have a boring lunch.  If A.S.B does not have a football bring your own to school?  The game consists of teams of ten on both sides so play with friends or just play the game with other people.  Students can play almost everyday that they are allowed to play.  One student said "Football is the best sport I have ever played."  Brandon always plays it and never wants to stop playingHe plays all the time during lunch with his friends and alwys has a good time he said. Brandon also said "It is not fun when students can play football during lunch."  Brandon said "When we did not have football it was a really boring lunch."  So there you have it RCMS football fans play football during your lunch. Get some friends see what they think about playing during lunch. Remember football is a fun sport with friends at RCMS ask if they want to play.  If you do not know how to play learn because this sport is one of the best sports people play?

6th Grader Daniel said "Favorite sport to play with my friends "

7th grade Chris said " This sport is really fun "

8th grader Brandon said " I play all the time when I have the time "

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