By Patrick

If you missed Fun Friday last week read this and if you want to know what will be happening this week keep reading.  Last time for Fun Friday we had the cookie challenge were students had to eat cookies that were on there forehead with out using there hands.  The winers first names are Patrick, Michael, Senator, and Natalie. Many students thought it was fun and said the music was good.

Students opinions
Ryan said.  “I liked the music.”
Senator said.  “ cookies taste good.”
Patrick said.  “ I got candy.”
Martin said.  “ It was better than last year because last year was boring.”
Alicia said.  “ They should have just passed out the cookies.”

Next event for Fun Friday is blind fold feeding.  Participants must eat something while being blind folded.  If you would like to try go up to the stage and yell: Can I play please! You will be most likely to play if you yell.  If you  win you can get a some candy. So If you want to have fun and some candy try Fun Friday.  If you want to find out what will be happening next just ask ASB.

But if you don't want to participate in Fun Friday, play basketball in the gym or play football on the grass. So if your bored during lunch on a Friday go to Fun Friday or play sports.  Bye.
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